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Sopimusvuori is an organization that works in Pirkanmaa health care district. It provides mental health rehabilitation and dementia nursing home services.

For mental health rehabilitees there are 19 rehabilitation units and about 40 supported houses. The dementia nursing houses provide around the clock services in 11 nursing homes.

We have also established a childrens home for under 18 – years old youngsters with psychiatric and/or neuropsychiatric disorder who need professional guidance with their rehabilitation and upbringing.

Sopimusvuori was established in 1970. It is the first Finnish mental health association which uses the approach that is based on the idea of a therapeutic community.

Annually we have about 500 service users and 128 customers with memory diseases. In the children’s home we have 6 places for youngsters. All the rehabilitation services are directed for the people living in the Pirkanmaa area.

Additionally Sopimusvuori develops its functions constantly through different kinds of projects. For example, the computer-aided home rehabilitation, in which the rehabilitee has a round the clock opportunity to receive support for rehabilitation using the computer.

Sopimusvuori is also a main partner for Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Finland. The purpose of the project is to collect nursing studens' innovations for elderly care. The front figure of the project is Minister of Transport and Local Government Paula Risikko. Queen Silvia Nursing Award will be given – for the first time in Finland – to a student who submits the best new idea for developing elderly care or services used by the elderly. The scholarship aims at creating conditions for meeting one of the greatest challenges of the future, population ageing, by developing new innovations and promoting professional competence in elderly care and services.

Sopimusvuori ry organizes education for health care professionals, participates in national and international cooperation in the health care field, does research and provides publications.

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